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Events 2012

KFL – Kalamandalam Football League


The Messies, the Dobras, the Beckhams… it any, but was definitely there in their minds who where in the ground when the show was curtain raised.

The show – the first ever Kalamandalam Football League, KFL conducted and organized by Kalamandalam Tanzania.

The stage – Don Bosco ground- Dar es Salaam.

The result – Unmatched thriller for all!!!!!

It was the first ever effort by Kalamandalam to organize football league for their members as part of initiating wide spread football enthusiasm amongst members.

It was a proven show of participation, gathering and sporting spirit amongst the members who choose to make teams under different names and captaincy.

The driving force behind organizing any sporting event is sheer enthusiasm and love to the sports. This was evident and in clear display to the spectators and the participants alike who are all present in Don Bosco ground witnessing matches.

As some one had said ‘Football is the ballet of the masses’’ it was clearly seen at Don Bosco ground with fun and sport just getting well blended together.

It was known fact to world of Arican nations as diehard football fans. We at Kalamandalam being in this beautiful part of Africa -called Tanzania, cant get away with out having the flares of the glow of football and that had developed into this format to showcase the talents within.

The winner of KFL 2012 were Messi Masters under the captaincy of Vinayan.

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