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Events 2012

KBT – Kalamandalam Badminton Tournament


Year 2012 edition of Badminton tournaments of Kalamandalam was once again conducted at the same venue of Khalsa Club as it was for previous years. The tournament was held on ……………. 2012. All Kalamandalam sporting groups under the group flag colours of Red, Yellow and Blue with their respective team representatives contested for the event. The day long event was inaugurated by Kalamandalm Chairman Mr.Kishore and marked with good sporting action from both Men and Women teams. The proper time schedule followed for each game continued to show the excellent organising by the committee with that of active Kalamandalam member’s support.

Team Red scored the maximum points with most winnings.

Men’s tournament results:

Men’s Singles Winner – Mr.Manu – Red

Men’s Singles 1st Runner Up – Pererra Shibu – Yellow

Men’s Singles 2nd Runner Up – Mr.Jimmy – Yellow

Men’s Doubles Winners – Mr.Girish / Mr.Ganesh – Red

Men’s Doubles 1st Runner Up – Mr. Perrera Shibu / Mr.Rajesh – Yellow

Men’s Doubles 2nd Runner Up – Mr.Sreejith / Mr.Manu – Red


Women tournament results:

Women Singles Winner – Mrs. Vidhya – Blue

Women Singles 1st Runner Up – Mrs. Sandhya – Blue

Women Singles 2nd Runner Up – Mrs. Mallika – Red

Women Doubles Winners – Mrs. Sandhya / Mrs. Vidhya – Blue

Women Doubles Runner Up – Mrs. Sreeja / Mrs. Mallika – Red

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