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Kalamandalam Tanzania is an association of people of Kerala origin living in Tanzania. It was formed in 1956 primarily for fostering fellowship and promoting cultural and social activities of the Malayalam speaking diaspora from India. Over the years it has been performing its role not only in the cultural scene but also emphasizing on “giving back” to this wonderful “Haven of Peace” which many Keralites have chosen as their home away from home.

Kalamandalam has undertaken quite number of charity initiatives over the years working in the spheres of education, health, and basic needs like providing drinking water to the marginalized section of Tanzanian society.


  • To deliver an exciting & enriching experience to its members;
  • To provide a forum for its members -To meet & exchange views, to foster friendship, goodwill & understanding;
  • To preserve and maintain our culture & tradition, and pass it on to the next generation;
  • To bring all the members of our association onto a single platform, culture, lifestyle thereby creating a sense of oneness;
  • To develop a pleasant environment for our children, to grow up with our community’s rich tradition’s, Culture & Value of life;


Charity is an inevitable social commitment towards our society. Kalamandalam mobilize funds and provides assistance & support for various humanitarian and charitable causes. These services are passed on to the distressed & deserving area’s & people.


  • Maintain our Cultural & tradition
  • Responsiveness;
  • Integrity & Credibility;
  • Excellence & Caring

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