KBT – Kalamandalam Badminton Tournament


Year 2012 edition of Badminton tournaments of Kalamandalam was once again conducted at the same venue of Khalsa Club as it was for previous years. The tournament was held on ……………. 2012. All Kalamandalam sporting groups under the group flag colours of Red, Yellow and Blue with their respective team representatives contested for the event. The day long event was inaugurated by Kalamandalm Chairman Mr.Kishore and marked with good sporting action from both Men and Women teams. The proper time schedule followed for each game continued to show the excellent organising by the committee with that of active Kalamandalam member’s support.

Team Red scored the maximum points with most winnings.

Men’s tournament results:

Men’s Singles Winner – Mr.Manu – Red

Men’s Singles 1st Runner Up – Pererra Shibu – Yellow

Men’s Singles 2nd Runner Up – Mr.Jimmy – Yellow

Men’s Doubles Winners – Mr.Girish / Mr.Ganesh – Red

Men’s Doubles 1st Runner Up – Mr. Perrera Shibu / Mr.Rajesh – Yellow

Men’s Doubles 2nd Runner Up – Mr.Sreejith / Mr.Manu – Red


Women tournament results:

Women Singles Winner – Mrs. Vidhya – Blue

Women Singles 1st Runner Up – Mrs. Sandhya – Blue

Women Singles 2nd Runner Up – Mrs. Mallika – Red

Women Doubles Winners – Mrs. Sandhya / Mrs. Vidhya – Blue

Women Doubles Runner Up – Mrs. Sreeja / Mrs. Mallika – Red

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November program is always a prestigious event for Kalamandalam since it is coming together with Kerala Piravi Day.  This year we celebrated Kerala Piravi as  “KERALOTSVAM”   on 10th November, 2012 , Lohanna Mahajan Hall.

The program started with Kalamandalam Theme Song  “ Thiruvathira Njattuvela “  by Mr. Navin.  That was followed by  classical dance performance  “Sumuharthamay “ by Shripriya Kishor, Rashmi Sajive and Soniya Vineeth which lively depict the sorrow of Sitha.  Songs by Mr. Manoj ‘” Manjakiliyude Moolipattunde “ ,   “Ente Kalbile” by Ms. Amrutha.,  “Ambily Ammava” the famous drama song of KPAC by Mrs. Hyma Narayanan, Old Numbers “ Madaprave” by Mr. Prasad “kasthuri Manmizhi “ the Jayan hit by Mr. Bala and the Old wine in new bottle “ Oru Madhurakkinavin “ by Mr. Vineeth and Mr. Aneesh really enthralled the audience.

The Highlights of the day was the Dance performance by little champs of Kalamandalam, tuned on the song “Entedukkal Vannedukkum” choreographed by Mrs Mercy shibu and Mrs Rashmi Sajeeve.  This was followed by  “Micheal Jackson’s  Jam thrilling performance by Kalamandalm Boys.  Another attraction for the day was Bharatha Natyam Dance performance by Ms. Delphy,  Ms.Grishma   And Ms.  Nishma  Medley Dance Choreographed by Mrs. Sripirya Kishor also added flavour  to the Program.  Kalamandalam Theaters comody skit  “ Madhurakkizhangu Puluthan “  which sent the audience into raptures of laughter,  really shows the talent  of Kalamandalam Actors.  The anchor of the program Ms. Arya Prakash done a wonderful  job.

The Committee take this opportunity  thank  each and every one who has supported this event.

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Film Show – Spirit


Date                      : 25th November 2012

Venue                  : New Word Cinema – Mwenge.

Convener            : Kishor Kumar

This year we conducted a Malayalm movie Show with the Movie “Spirit”,  Spirit the Malayalam film written and directed by Ranjith.

Since the movie had a social message Kalamandalam committee determined to show the movie free of cost, while The Movie show went houseful

The film primarily focuses on the increasing habits of alcoholism in Kerala but is altogether a take on all things contemporary with a satirical tint. It stars Mohanlal, Kaniha and Shankar Ramakrishnan in the lead roles while Madhu, Lena, Nandu, Kalpana and Thilakan play notable supporting roles.

According to the director, “The movie does not, in any way, advocate or proscribe alcohol. Spirit discusses the subject and examines what happens when a person, however intelligent, falls prey to an addiction, any addiction for that matter.

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Sports and Fun Day


Date:-21st October-2012 (Sunday)

Venue: -AnnadilBurhani Ground, (Next to Seifi Complex) Upanga.

Co coordinators:-Thulaseedas.T.G and Robin John

Time: – 1.30pm

Kalamandalam is not just about songs, dramas, dances and charity initiatives. Our members proved that they can sweat it out under the scorching heat of Dar es Salaam as well. As a customary every year, this year’s sports and fun day was held on 21st October 2012 at the beautiful Annadil Burhani Ground. We were very fortunate to have this location as the venue this year.

The participants were registered under the different houses and the house captains took ownership of the team. Thanks to Mr Muraleedharan C.G for managing this process flawlessly using a computerized system.

All registered members were given T-shirts with their respective team colours.

Chairman Mr Kishor Kumar inaugurated the events by handing over the Team cards to the respective house captains.

The House captains were,

Mr Alex Kochummen -Green

Mr Jayaraj P.V -Blue

Mr Scaria joseph -Red

Mr Anil Kumar .V-Yellow

100x 4 running race was the most attractive item of this year sports day and this was the ever first time in the history of Kalamandalam.

Red Team won the sports events with 79 points , followed by Blue with 72 points, Green with 68 points and Yellow with 43 points.

Refreshments were served to all after the event.

Samsung Tanzania sponsored the Colorful T-Shirts to the all participants

Kalamandalam would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners.

We wish to express our special thanks to all who have came to the ground to supports us to make this event a huge success.

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KFL – Kalamandalam Football League


The Messies, the Dobras, the Beckhams…..name it any, but was definitely there in their minds who where in the ground when the show was curtain raised.

The show – the first ever Kalamandalam Football League, KFL conducted and organized by Kalamandalam Tanzania.

The stage – Don Bosco ground- Dar es Salaam.

The result – Unmatched thriller for all!!!!!

It was the first ever effort by Kalamandalam to organize football league for their members as part of initiating wide spread football enthusiasm amongst members.

It was a proven show of participation, gathering and sporting spirit amongst the members who choose to make teams under different names and captaincy.

The driving force behind organizing any sporting event is sheer enthusiasm and love to the sports. This was evident and in clear display to the spectators and the participants alike who are all present in Don Bosco ground witnessing matches.

As some one had said ‘Football is the ballet of the masses’’ it was clearly seen at Don Bosco ground with fun and sport just getting well blended together.

It was known fact to world of Arican nations as diehard football fans. We at Kalamandalam being in this beautiful part of Africa -called Tanzania, cant get away with out having the flares of the glow of football and that had developed into this format to showcase the talents within.

The winner of KFL 2012 were Messi Masters under the captaincy of Vinayan.

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KPL – Kalamandalam Premier League


Kalamandalam Premier League (KPL) inaugurated in 2009 has become a major event for Kalamandalam over the past three years.

This year we saw the maximum participation from the members with 8 teams competing for the prestigious KPL title. The cricketing spirit among the members was clearly visible in the way they were fighting it out in the scorching heat of Kawe Grounds.

Jinu’s Inchikkadan Elevens, Jayakumar’s Mangalassery Masters, Paul’s Mannadiar Mannans, Anil’s Kanimangalam Karanavers, Sreejith’s Keerikkadan Kings, Satheesh’s Aanakkatil Achayans , Benny’s Thiruvambadi Thampans and the Kalamandalam executive committee showed its cricketing spirit with Chairman’s eleven  under Robin John

The encounters where conducted in consecutive weekends of 30th September and 7th October 2012 at Kawe Tanganiyka ground.

Thanks to all Kalamandalam members who supported our efforts. The presence of families of members of the players added to the charm

DTB Sponsored the T-shirts for the Teams.

The teams performance were par in excellence with wonderful stroke plays, dedicated bowling efforts, smart movements in fields, chases and missing and so on… The game of uncertainty had all its flavour with moments of defying predictions, calculations & miscalculations of captains, unpredictable performances from the unexpected and much more for the fun fair.

For the first time in the history of KPL one of our member players Praveen Kumar touched the magical three figures by scoring maiden Century. He was 110 not out. Big congratulations to him.

The winner of KPL 2012 were Thiruvambadi Thampans under the captaincy of Benny . Anakkattil Achayans were  the runners up.

The day concluded with the Prize Distribution.

Special thanks to Benny Varghese, Satheesh Kumar , Lijo N Job, Sajeeve Kumar, and Sreejith Kumar for assisting us to organise the event.                                                                  

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Indian Independence Day Celebrations


Freedom in the Mind,
Faith in the words…
Pride in our Souls…
Let’s salute the Nation on our Independence Day!
Vande Mataram.

As a customary event, this year also we celebrated the 66th Indian Independence day celebration in a grand style. We are proud that Kalamandalam has been able to stage one of the best events in Dar es Salaam over the years and this year it exceeded all expectations.

The event started with the welcome speech of Kalamandalam chairman Mr Kishor Kumar followed by a short speech from His Excellency Mr Debnath Shaw.

The event was held on 15th August 2012 at the Aga Khan Diamond Jubilee Hall. The program was led wonderfully by the Duos Mr Bhaskaran Balakrishnan and Ms Amrutha Mahesh.

Kalamandalam presented the inaugural item with the visual presentation of its theme song. This year, we saw Kalamandalam staging two events by involving 75 participants from among Kalamandalam members. Both Kalamandalam events were organised by Mrs Sreeepriya Kishor with the support of Chandni Jayaraj, Lekha Raju, Laila Pradeep, Anita Reji and Manju Sreekumar.

We were able to stage 14 different items and the event culminated with a heavy adrenalin performance by the Tanzania House of Talents.

Kalamandalam also honoured the toppers of the Indian School, Dar es Salaam who excelled in Academics and this year’s winners were VidushiYadav from Commerce stream and Samvrutha Roy from science stream.

Secretary Mr Leonard Netto proposed the Vote of Thanks.

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Dhwani- A musical Concert for a noble cause


As we all know, Kalamandalam has been in the pinnacle when it comes to giving back to the society over the years. This year we organized Dhwani-The musical concert for Noble cause, mainly to support the Village of Hope in Dodoma.

Village of Hope rehabilitates children diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

Kalamandalam was proud to exhibit in front of a packed crowd, the little nightingale of India, Padmashri Dr.K.S.Chitra, Young sensation Kartik, Bubbly Rimy Tommy  and the melodious Nishad with a Team of 10 piece live orchestra in a never before Musical concert.

The show was held on 22nd July2012 at the Agakhan Diamond Jubilee Complex and it’s undoubtedly the biggest entertainment show organized by Kalamandalam in its 56 years old history till date. The Management committee is proud to have achieved this milestone after three months of intense hardships before the show and it was worth while the effort.

The show was coordinated by the ace film producer/actor Mr Dinesh Panicker.

The show started with the Welcome speech of Chairman Mr Kishor Kumar where he elaborated briefly on the charity initiatives Kalamandalam was planning to do in 2012.

Mr Dinesh Panicker took over from there and the team from back home led us through a magical musical journey enjoyed by one and all. The concert was packed with performances in Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi by the ace musicians. Dr K.S.Chitra was at her classical best. She started the show with the melodious number “KalabhamTharam” from the film Vadakkum Nathan. The stage was set on fire by the young sensation Kartik and the bubbly Rimy Tommy with their fast numbers such as “EnakkkoruGirlfriendVenameda” from the superhit film BOYZ and UllilKothiVidarum from the film Mayamohini. Nishad was at his melodius best with his superhit “Palapoovithalil” from the film Thirakadha.

The concert also witnessed the launch of the Kalamandalam Theme song, a pet project of 2012 management committee. The song was recorded with the voice of our Vanampadi K.S.Chitra, written by the great Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodiri and music scored by Mr O.K.Ravishankar. The music loving public of Kalamandalam and the other Indian community in Tanzania was fortunate enough to hear this song live in Dar es Salaam.

We are grateful to our main sponsors BankM, Moneylink, MaxInsure, Airtel Tanzania, Zantel Tanzania, Dhando,Coco cola Kwanza, Tata Holdings, and many other sponsors who made this concert and our charity objective a reality.

The program ended with the Vote of thanks by the Joint Secretary Mr Manoj Kumar.

We are sure that the moments from this show will live in our memories for ever.

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Kalamandalam half yearly General Body Meeting


Date                      : 29th July 2012

Venue                  : St.Alban’s Parish Hall

Convener            : Manoj Kumar. C


The half yearly general body meeting of Kalamandalam Tanzania for the year 2012 held at St.Alban’s Parish Hall, on 29th July 2012 , 6.30 Pm,  to submit the minutes of past 6 months activities.

The meeting was presided by the chairman of Kalamandalam Mr. Kishor Kumar.

Joint secretary Mr. Manoj Kumar, presented the minutes of Annual general body meeting held on 29th January   2012, at IST elementary school campus hall.

Subsequently Mr. Manoj Kumar also presented the half yearly report, narrating the various events conducted during the past 6 months. Which includes Kairali Sandhya, Kalikkottam, Chilamboli, Blood Donation, Chirimala & Kerala Nite.

Treasurer Mr. Rajesh Kumar presented the half yearly accounts.

Mr. Alex Kochuman Praised the activates conducted by the young committee and also wished all the success to the futures programs of Kalamandalam.

Mr. Lijo Conducted an auction of Kalamandalm Theme Song CD which had an autograph by Padmashree. Dr. K.S .Chitra and the proceeding were handed over to the committee.

Around 64 members attend the program, and delicious dinner served after the meeting.

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Kalamandalam 2012 kalikkootam session was inaugurated on 19th March at Parish Hall.  Mrs. Rema Vijayakumar lit the lamp.  The kids were taught to read and write Malayalam alphabets, which was our main aim. Apart from that, a variety of games were organized and prizes were given.  Mr. P.V.Jayaraj, one of the senior most member of Kalamandalam, had given valuable advice to children regarding the importance of learning our mother-tongue Malayalam, cleanliness, punctuality, etc.  Home-made snacks were given in all sessions, which were much appreciated by all.

The final session of kalikkootam was held in Marry Brown.  Delicious food was arranged and a cake was cut.  The children really enjoyed the evening.  Kalamandalam executive committee sincerely thanks Mr. P.V. Jayaraj and all the parents who have cooperated with us.

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